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 Posted: Dec 7th, 2013 02:48 AM
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Slider2732 wrote:
Cheers for the info Lance :)

Hey Itsu - great to see you here, I had no idea you were a member ! :biggrin:
Just to note for our usual contact, my prolapsed disc (back injury) has gone nuts and i've been out of regular circuit building action for a few weeks now.
Indeed, i'll try it across the coils, separating them. Haven't done anything extra in the last couple of days to report.

Hi Slider,

i joined up here just to respond to you.
I hope that disc will behave itselve quickly as i know what a pain in the bud it can giv.
I will try to setup a similar thing, but am puzzeled by the 5KOhm coils too.

Regards Itsu