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 Posted: Dec 5th, 2013 10:23 AM
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Which reminds of Clarke's 3rd Law:
"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."

I'd think that removing the tubes from such a radio wouldn't just stop signals coming through..they are used in the amplification of any signal and then the output of that signal. It would be akin to putting a cardboard box in front of everyone and still be 'tuning in' the voices. 
Now, if the cardboard box lit up, that would be cool :)

It's interesting to be a sceptical type regarding the Scole Experiment. Every bit of nonsense that we may debunk from experience and therefore throw out is present.
Yet, what of my own successes ? what of paranormal experiences throughout life, or ITC experiments that have displayed anomalies.

As a progress report:
I've altered one of the above radios (the one with the wire spool as the coil form) and tested it yesterday evening. The original black coils from the start of the thread are now in place.
Nothing happened with table lamp power, but the idea was to try a confirmation with sunlight today. Annnd guess the weather today lol, including icy rain. In summer, such a circuit runs fine indoors with nothing but ambient daylight in a well lit room.
However, i'm looking now for the germanium pieces I have stored away somewhere, to finish the idea. In lieu of which, i'll put a germanium diode in parallel and then in series with the coils.
As a straight test of regular reception it's a good thing that all that came through was regular hiss, considering the usual reception of the 50000W KRMG station out of nearby Tulsa !

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