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 Posted: Dec 4th, 2013 10:02 AM
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Been thinking about this...and your recent questions bolster the thoughts, or should I say, have helped to derive a method for furtherings. Hopefully some teamwork here is the route :)
I'd enjoy your thoughts on the following Jan, as well as anyone elses viewpoints for the route.

Recently, i've been building 'Indoor Solar Radios'.  A part of my 'Power Lamp' project. The basics are that by using a regular table lamp which would be running anyway in a room in the evenings, small drain devices can be powered.
Solar cells pick up the light, without impacting the lamp output.
The power lamp method is to be forwarded, by the fitting of panels inside the shade area. Many such lamps having black lampshades, completely wasting a potential form of 'free'energy (in my opinion).
So...without having ever heard of such a system, it's now open sourced because of this post and by doing so may help us to power a crystal radio TDC type system, that can be tailored to our Edison device needs.
And, indeed, power other devices which may suffer from battery drain during 'ghost hunts'.
Alternatively, a 1.5V battery could be used...of course :)

Nearly every ITC device includes a gap somewhere in the circuit. Some way for a circuit to accept and include spirit communications. Even a digital recorder is likely to have glass diodes within (1N4148 types in the signal routing), enabling a pathway for variable radio/light spectrum energies as well as microphone audio.
An ability for something to be variable, thus bringing the ability for spirit voice capture, in my opinion. In the TDC's case, the spacing between 2 coils, but the solar cell light pickup could also be included in thoughts.
Pic here of 5 of my radios.

The radios only need about 1.5V @ 1mA, easily furnished by scrap solar cells from garden lights etc. Typically 3 such cells will allow easy placement near a 13W table lamp. Monocrystalline panel bits are also shown and are effective...any solar cell type can be used.
Beginning with a proven radio reception method, we can adhere to the TDC specification, yet explore coil designs and truly portable usable devices, with no reliance on batteries.
It would remove the need to strongly boost terribly weak signals (my previous EVP's in this thread included).
Earphones may be regular iPod types, as well as crystal radio or piezo types.
Such a system can be trialled outdoors in daylight as well as indoors with sufficient ambient light.
The resulting devices can also be flashlight/torch powered for investigative 'ghost hunting' purposes. No external amplification need be necessary, if a sensitive headphone is used (can still be routed to an EVP recorder).

The radio circuit is based on the TA7642, a 3 pin transistor looking chip intended for radio circuits. Similar devices include the MK484, which was popular a couple of decades back. I bought 20 for $5 or similar on Ebay a couple of months ago. The rest of the small number of components were either self made (radio coils) or salvaged from scrap TV's etc. So what i've done, is to create crystal radios in form and function, without an antenna or Ground wire.
Reception and clarity/purity is on a par with a good crystal set (I live in Oklahoma and can receive as far as Chicago, Colorado, Tennessee and New Orleans),
Here's the circuit that the ones in the pic are based on:
From which we can replace the standard radio coil with the TDC coils :)
In practice, the 350uH coil spec is very flexible. As seen above, i've used toilet rolls, solder tubes and other forms to wind various density coils on. Some use ferrite some don't.

But -
What of the apparently important germanium 'portal' ?
And here is where we might get clever ;)
A while back, I developed a circuit for testing the qualities of rocks within a circuit. An oddball idea, needing a practical use...perhaps we now have that use.
Here's the YouTube vid, where that circuit was water powered:
EDIT - YouTube embedding not working for some reason :blushing: ?
What i'm saying, is that we can include the germanium as a central part of the circuit, run it from a very low input power source and perhaps further the Edison device.

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