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 Posted: Dec 2nd, 2013 03:28 PM
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Hi Jan,

Your views are completely valid and reasonable.
Real, solid, good facts are needed and no snake oil.
Perhaps Edison never did conduct any experiments of the type, let alone build and test this device.

I built mine some while ago, but do have similar questions...something i've not really gone back to, with other builds and commitments coming along.
At the time, I watched the Scole Experiments, then read a few posts on different forums and 'had at it'.
To me, it's a very high impedance crystal radio...but that may be all we need for spirit contact.

The info I used, including circuit diagram, coil specs etc is here:
I'm not sure it's exactly the same site, but is the same information.

Personally, I have 3 oscilloscopes, all of which have different troubles at the moment, else i'd get some decent screenshots of traces during operating (need a a scope to fix and calibrate them !).
The 5K is the coil resistance.
Germanium of any type will work, the blocks are more likely through the lack of glass encapsuled 1N34A's at the time.
A psychic may or may not be needed...I would say not - but a good ear for possible EVP's recorded and correctly identified is. Again though, what use in a Class C ? if it has merit they will be Class A sometimes.
A friend recently informed me that Edison was jealous of Tesla's apparent other worldly communications and wanted to '1 up' him. I can imagine that scenario, but it doesn't make it true.

Noone really knows and that's the beauty of this. To be pioneering and sift the wheat from the chaff. To get it all nailed down, figuratively and literally.
Perhaps Edison's method is sound, but his build is a bit twonky for the 21st Century.
Questions for improvements may include whether high Henry axial inductors would work ?
Would a good outside Ground improve results ?
Would a Faraday cage actually help ?
Could a device be built on a circuitboard, it's output connected to a 386 chip audio amp and be carried around like a Frank's box ?

Let's find out :)