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 Posted: Dec 2nd, 2013 01:36 PM
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This is a fascinating technical thread – the sort of nuts-and-bolts research which many actually lead to something tangible and reproducible.

But can we actually determine some parameters and clear away some confusion – at least in my head?

1) We need some confirmed diagrams by Edison’s hand of how this device was constructed. Are there any?

2) From the data that is available (are the Scole film images really all there are?), where did the 1500-turn, 5k ohm coils information come from? The questions about the core material are valid too. What we also need to know is the inductance of the coils. Additionally, is the 5k ohm the inductive reactance, and if so at what frequency, or just the DC resistance?

3) If these coils are tuned, at what frequency are they being tuned to?

4) What is the significance of the germanium blocks? If detection of some ‘ethereal’ signal is required, why not use a normal, low-noise, stable, germanium diode? They may not have been around in Edison’s time, but they were a breakthrough when put into production, far surpassing all the various cat’s whisker variants. They were also used in the Raudive Diode device.

5) Is this going to be another device that will only work if the operators have medium ship abilities?

6) It is “widely known” that Edison attempted communication with the dead. Do we have any documented evidence of this? Are there any drawings by him of these devices, and detailed notes of his results? It would be very strange if he did not leave any record of this particular research, he was painstaking about documenting and patenting his inventions. He was also a master at getting publicity for his devices, but there’s no evidence he had the equivalent of a press conference for this particular invention, which would surely have been hailed as one of his most significant discoveries. Unfortunately, there is some speculation (confirmed by his son Charles) that it was all a hoax to annoy some magazine reporter...


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