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 Posted: Jun 4th, 2013 01:17 PM
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Hi Lance,
My viewpoint on this is that 1485kHz (202m) was one frequency that provided Jurgenson with some good combinations of audio frequency spectra and dynamics (from the radio speaker) necessary for the formation of EVP - at that period in time, and at his location.

In chapter 24 of "Sprechfunk mit Verstorbenen" , Jurgenson mentions that "Lena" used a special sound frequency that she fashioned from the overlapping of certain sounds and which would have sounded in most cases like a toneless, meaningless hissing. Also he mentions that the "friends" were able to shape the sound frequencies of the radio waves by instantly modulating the existing sounds.

But most importantly, in chapter 43 he mentions being able to turn the radio dial carefully and hear Lena's voice on almost every frequency.

I tend to conclude therefore that 1485khz was one of many useful frequencies he used that time, but probably holds no specific relevance today, but did work for Jurgenson back then.