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 Posted: Apr 22nd, 2013 09:34 AM
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pol wrote:
Missing person's sites - an apt avenue to publicise the tool of EVP to those likely to be interested.


Was told "Lisa was shot"

Amazing how these messages just appear on recorder without having to activate record function ?.... spirit's eager to assist, perhaps?

I was flung from the Facebook group- 'Looking for Lisa Stone...Help us find her' -after I had posted the description "Grey beard" received from a woman in spirit -after asking who killed Lisa Stone?
It seems the admin. of the site are censoring any info that detracts from their own primary suspect- Lisa's former partner Sherry Henry..
Of course I disagree with their stance!

In relation to Sherry Henry being considered a suspect -which all evidence would point to,. also need to consider that circumstances can sometimes conspire to implicate the innocent.
(also speaking through personal experience)

(there's a photo of a man wearing a king's costume with a grey beard in this 48hrs prog.. which I mentioned looked too docile to be a killer / also noticed an admin's (of Facebook site I was banned from) husband sporting a grey beard)

But then again.. you can't really go by appearances -for instance, who could have imagined this docile looking fellow (who by all accounts was a kindly gentleman) to be an evil serial granny killer;

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