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 Posted: Feb 18th, 2013 06:45 AM
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Amen Rachel.
Law enforcement has a tough time dealing with PHYSICAL evidence...they can't/won't change direction or approach an individual as a suspect on a sparse psychic tip- impossible to present in court or make it "stick"
(Not saying I agree, but it's the way of the world)

On the subject of contaminated or misconstrued EVP: I've gathered clips which, at first pass, appeared to relate to a current crime investigation- but, in fact, were actually related to a long passed situation in a nearby area...
Then there are the communications that refer to a MOVIE or TV SHOW (only becomes glaringly apparent upon viewing!)

I'm of the opinion telling someone their Loved One is dead causes more harm than good- They go through the grieving process naturally anyway and there's always the risk of repeating "the Sylvia Browne syndrome"- it's horribly awkward when they find the person alive.


Rachel EVP Voices wrote:
I'm curious as to why we would take EVP seriously in the context of crime. Unless it's recorded in a secure environment in front of witnesses and has very specific information, surely it couldn't count as evidence?

It's a sad fact but there are plenty of people out there who would make a recording if they got a couple of minutes of the limelight. How would the police know if it was a genuine recording?

Fraud aside, if you accept that EVPs are from the other side, how do you know the information you are receiving is from a trustworthy source and is correct?

EVP recordings are characterised as being only the odd word or very short sentence, is this enough to go on?