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 Posted: Feb 8th, 2013 08:10 PM
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Rachel EVP Voices wrote:
Hi Pol

I'd be very interested to hear what response you receive from the authorities you pass the clip on to; do they take you seriously?

How do you decide when you send a message? Does it have to be clear or when you are confident of the content?

The idea of using EVPs at crime scenes is very interesting but ruling out contamination by various sources would be a bit of headache to say the least. Have you any ideas?

Best wishes,


Hi Rachel

I don't pass audio's of my EVPs onto authorities, I only send texts -& only when satisfied (as much as can be) I'm hearing correct
So far have remained anonymous,
-so can't say what their response / treatment of info has been. (probably if I incl. contact details, I doubt I'd even get a response)

The idea of using EVP at crime scenes entered my mind -consequent to having received many EVP's relating to matters in my immediate environment which were in fact quite spot on... hence extending to crime scenes ~ may yield similarly accurate 'eye-witness' results ~ from spirits attached to those locations.