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 Posted: Jan 30th, 2013 10:48 AM
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pol wrote:
Missing teenager Bonnie McSweeney

Grandmother of missing girl goes on radio this morning very distressed, fearing the worst...
Spirit tell me "she's alive" ... She was found safe & well... although likely she was already in police custody even before grandmother's call... (our police can be tardy with relaying info.)

Possibly this common occurrence I exp. could be considered psychic in nature.. for instance - prior to hearing of this girl's disappearance, it occurred to me how the general serious crime rate seems to drop at times of natural disasters, etc... (we've lately had bush fires & floods in parts of Aust).. hence having the preceding thought actually allayed my fear of the girl having met with foul play.
Another noteworthy instance concerned a time of being urged (from somewhere?) to get on radio & speak about the bushfire hazard during the summer of 2009 -incl. a message for potential arsonists... However I regretted that I didn't get around to it (not that I thought my message would have had any great impact!). Subsequently our State incurred a most severe bushfire resulting in Aust's highest ever loss of life from a bushfire ( & as I recall at least one person convicted of arson).
At least now I've learnt (somewhat) to pay attention to my thoughts & ideas.