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 Posted: Jan 28th, 2013 07:28 PM
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pol wrote:
Police have cleared the "friend" (42 yo male) of involvement in this missing woman's disappearance... however spirit say "he's lying" with his version of events....

How I came upon the message "he's lying" .. I was looking to erase an old recording (not an EVP recording) so I could have recording space to record response by spirit in relation to this woman's disappearance... (after watching night-time news) however at the start of the old recording -I hear "he's lying" - which would seem to pertain to her friend's version of events...
This scenario happens quite frequently - where I don't have to actually record at all - the (relevant) message just mysteriously appears at the start of old recordings.

However police report the friend is not a suspect ?

Guilty as charged!