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 Posted: Aug 31st, 2012 05:12 PM
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The second coil was prepared and made ready for winding:

After matching to the 449 ohms of the other one, both were attached to the test circuit:

I then set about tuning the coils. More a case of 'hmm maybe' for any perceived changes and adjusting the gap between them, plus moving the fools gold piece.
Recordings have been of around 8 seconds in Audacity and then just 'Normalized' to bring the level up.

Ya know those all too common EVP whisper voices ? quite clear and yet someone is whispering. Well the first possible EVP, after about 20 attempts at tuning is attached....someone appearing to say 'Welcome'...quite the fitting word.

THEN, well in the blurb for the original TDC experiments, there is talk of the voices coming through sounding robotic. That's what I appear to have captured next !!!
The voice seems to say 'Devil play' and is quite clear considering the hiss.
I'll post again and attach the 'Devil play''s worth listening to, in my opinion and I would welcome your thoughts.

Attachment: TDC new coils 3 'welcome'.mp3 (Downloaded 2405 times)