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 Posted: Aug 31st, 2012 12:01 PM
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Great :)
By the way, Welcome to the group !

Some decent progress has been made toward understanding the high resistance coils and the 5000 ohm wording on the circuit diagram
Now, I believe they meant 5000 turns or 500 ohms.
I wound a coil last night (4 hours worth) of 5000 turns and it came out as 449 ohms, which is approximate to 500 ohms.

Here's a couple of pics, first of the ferrite chokes as they came off the back of part of a microwave oven and the second is the rewound finished coil.
Looking at the picture above of the original, i've tried to make it correct in size and look. The coil has thick connection ends, as per the picture and has black electrical tape over the windings.

(compare to original in Psychopompos's post above)

Time to find some relays and make the other coil !