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 Posted: Aug 26th, 2012 10:56 AM
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This is highly strange. I've previously built crystal radios and now have a couple of years of Tesla tower builds etc to study resonance, but this device escapes me in how it works.
Yet, work it apparently does !

A couple of guests were on the radio show Coast to Coast AM the other night, talking about the Scole Experiment and detailing a device that Edison created. Our own Vicki Talbott was on a related video found on YouTube. I'd never seen the documentary, nor the circuit, though had of course heard of Edison's interest in the paranormal.
The circuit itself, was communicated via an unexposed reel of film, sat in a sealed wooden box and with scientific people present !
Here are some links:
Coast to Coast AM program now uploaded kindly by a chap to YouTube -
Skip to 1:16:00 for the interview, there's another guy on before then.
Documentary about the Scole Experiment -
The circuit diagram and some background info -

So I built one !
2x 1500 turn coils. The coils are made from unwound 56uH ferrite inductors, wound again with wire from a 12V relay. Spacing between appears to be important, or at least should be.
No germanium so a piece of fools gold was used.
Piece of plate copper under the rock.
Needle as point contact, pressure from copper rod it's glued to.
Output is to Audacity on the PC, via the mic port.

After some moving around of the needle, I received the words 'Hey Mark' from an American sounding woman!!!!!!
All is very hissy and I presumed that would be all that would come through.
The tip for this is to 'Normalize' a short recording and that brings the levels up to audible, but does increase the hiss. No filtering etc is used.

Here's a pic of the built device and the audio. Best to play it 3 or 4 times, because all your ears will hear the first time is hiss. After that, the voice is a Class B, within the hiss, if you see what I mean.

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