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 Posted: May 23rd, 2007 12:31 AM
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Yes Vicki and Keith, I believe it is resonance. I also believe personal frequencies identify us and changes as we eveolve. Attempts to synchronize with with those we admire can be made no matter which plane they reside in. My love interest, Jeannette, and I work constantly to connect on ever higher levels. We work to raise our understanding of the energy beings that are our true selves. In the process of this realization, which usually involves mediation and other mental excercises, unexpected psychic abilities have surprised us. 

These abilities are beginning to overshadow our research using intrumentation, or maybe it's just complimenting that work as we're seeing more indications that thought energy fuels the ability of a disembodied conscious to communicate with those with physical bodies. This communication occurs both psychically and by using ITC. Jen and I collaborate with about a dozen other people who have similar interest and with varying abilities.