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 Posted: Jul 22nd, 2012 10:43 AM
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Violent Crime! - I'm OVER IT!!

I wonder if the situation was reversed, that is- the overwhelming majority of crimes were being perpetrated by females, how do you reckon the world would react ?
It would be safe to say that both the male & female population simply wouldn't stand for it... I dare say we'd even have marches in the street demonstrating over the situation.
Unfortunately it seems there still remains remnants of the 'excuse' of "boys will be boys" in relation to male engagement in violence.
Greater gravity needs to be ascribed to violent crime of all sorts - reflected in harsher sentences (it's time a referendum was conducted re. introduction of death penalty in those countries which don't currently have it.. Aust being one)
The ever-increasing incidences of violent crime (together with an escalation in magnitude of violent events) cannot but have a major impact upon the collective morale of societies.

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