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 Posted: Jul 13th, 2012 09:58 AM
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Traffic Jam Car Horn Wav file run through EVPmaker and passed to SeaWave.

EVPmaker settings:
Speed -                60%
Segments -          55ms to 80ms
Overlap -             Checked
Z-Crossover -      Unchecked
X-Fade -              Checked
Play EVP -           Continuously (Checked)

SeaWave Settings:

Block Size -         4098
Sampling Rate -  10000
FFT Size -            1024
Window Size -     512
Window Type -    Hanning
Scan Step -         64 (3 Second / 8 step sweep)
Display Height -  512
Colours -             3 bw Sharp
Buffer -               32 Mbytes

Method of capture:
Video -               AVS4You Screen Capture (Video with audio saved as an AVI File)
Stills -                AVS4You Screen Capture (Snapshot saved as a png file live)
Videos and stills are captured concurrently.

SeaWave and EVPmaker are started and the AVS4You Video Screen capture is begun.

Utilizing the screen capture allows for use of the cursor to mark images on the fly live in the Seawave sweep, by circling the item of interest.

When an item of interest is seen in the SeaWave sweep, the sweep is paused and a snapshot is captured in AVS4You and then the area/s is/are marked in the video by moving the cursor over/around them  one at a time.

Once all items are noted in the video, the SeaWave sweep is restarted and the process is repeated as needed to complete the session.

An example has been included of the video/audio capture of this test set up.

 >>>ITC Setup Demo Video<<<

the AVI has been converted to a flash video for web access.


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