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 Posted: Jul 6th, 2012 05:47 AM
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Hi Joe,

I recorded at a Spiritualist Camp and found the entities onsite to be loud and proud- Great EVPs. I surmise while they're training newbie mediums (for years on end), Spirit learns to communicate effectively with them as well. (It's also a good place to study 'reverse speech.' It appears Spirit uses it to make it easy to differentiate between Spirit and human speech on tape. Definitely works...their reverse speech sounds like the wobbly mess you get actually playing a conversation backwards- not kinda sorta.)

Maybe The Stream is lacking the 'medium' component. Hear tell Meek had only minimal success before adding Bill O'Neill to the mix -Or not.

Once a consistent frequency pattern is established, it's probably just a matter of spending enough time interacting with it??

(For experiment's sake, next time I venture to the Spiritualist Camp I'll access the Stream- see if the results are mega-different.)