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 Posted: Jul 2nd, 2012 03:40 AM
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I stumbled on the phone video by accident- Walking through the living room -the TV happened to be on- I heard Spirit talking within the conversation! Got my attention- I grabbed the recorder.

It was another phone call between Casey/Cindy/George Anthony- On that particular tape other spirits talk about Casey's character, etc. in very basic terms.

The call in the video was presented as evidence immediately following the first- Caught it all. A direct recording is available online, or at least it was, other people recorded it and confirmed the EVPs. Caylee speaks throughout- although too blended to decipher in most instances.

Also noticed she could be heard playing, singing in the open courtroom- too late for crime solving purposes, but really interesting.

Have noticed another aspect that might be of interest- I ask about the 'quality' of an individual's "life force" and Spirit can indicate the health or lack thereof of said person (dead or alive). Though results have been accurate in all the cases that they answered, sometimes they'll withhold the info stating, "it isn't beneficial for the (person's) family" -in terms of working through separation issues(??)

Just because someone 'sees' a crime taking place or even knows exactly who the perpetrator is doesn't mean the evidence will be there to make it stand up in court. When I was young a wonderful medium brought a message from a deceased friend of mine from High School. The friend identified her killer (she was shot point blank range) and asked me specifically not to let his father "get him off again" (His Dad is a very high profile attorney). This was the 3rd time this guy had tried to off a girlfriend, the 2nd girl lived right next door to me- he burned the house down hoping she would perish.

Loved hearing from my friend- at a total loss as to what to do with the message!