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 Posted: Jul 1st, 2012 06:06 PM
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Kenda.. I'm curious how you came to record the phone conversation ?

- incidentally you reminded me of the 9/11 phone calls (some calls were played on radio here), in which some background voices appear to be EVPs. Unfortunately the radio station hasn't issued online audio of the particular calls, -which were amongst thousands.

I reckon time is ripe for psychics/ psychic mediums everywhere (if they have genuine ability, like your Aunt) to shake-off any qualms about 'asserting their powers' .. may require more inventive ways of getting their message out /relaying info, perhaps.
Ideally, there should be worldwide- official panels of psychics & psychic mediums collaborating on major unsolved crimes.

As for those who would be "afraid" contemplating the 'unseen realms' - I consider them immature & ridiculous.. and just let the jibes wash over.

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