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 Posted: Jun 29th, 2012 04:01 AM
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Hi Pol,

Testing makes it possible to identify specific strains of bacteria in any one area- but that wasn't the issue...

Aunt was sure the body was within reach, just under the water- she could 'see' the little girl's remains; In fact she told police officers she could easily wade in and pull her out. The ranking detective dissuaded her, "This lake's so full of bacteria- put one toe in that water, you'll die!"

Luckily all psychic clues were included in the police report and after much prodding, they sent her a copy.

It gets 'worse' -Aunt has a good friend who's an investigative reporter for a major market in Florida- Over the years she's shared several predictions with him- all of which came to fruition. She asked him to question police about developments in the area she slated, his response- "No body, no case." Brush off.(???)

People are just flat-out afraid of this stuff (especially in the 'Bible Belt')

During the Caylee case there were many Blog threads dedicated entirely to psychic predictions- complete with aerial maps with specific 'zones' delineated, etc. -Aunt uploaded the entire police report on one of them. (There are sites for this purpose dedicated to finding missing persons)

The other very real consideration- if you were to lead authorities to a crime scene, guess who they are most apt to investigate?

I'm not saying "don't" but it isn't as cut and dried as it seems- We found out the hard way.


P.S. On a hunch I recorded a Jailhouse phone conversation between Caylee's mother, Casey, and her grandfather, George Anthony- the little girl's energy is speaking over the phone to George- interesting. You can see the video of the call (There are 3 EVPs -each plays 3 times; The second one is the most prominent):

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