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 Posted: Jun 25th, 2012 03:52 PM
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pol wrote:
Haven't gotten very far with this unsolved crime .. although the parents remain firm in their belief the girl is still alive, which I much doubt . (along with the detectives working on case).

However, as is usually the case with real life - persistence can pay off - along with "pester power" .. together with 'networking' expectedly applying in spiritworld as well.

Messages received after author of "Missing You" (a book on Aust's missing persons) appeared on TV & spoke about this case...

(I hadn't asked any questions pre- or after switching on recorder)

"American" .. "American"

"His name is Rock"

"His name is Eugine" (female)
(Eugine Rock? .. sounds like someone involved in the 'child sex trade')

Returning.. might, in July
(Eugine Rock returning from America?)

"She's dead" (female)
(prev. told several times over she was dead)

"The mother is in pain" (female)

- "of loss" (male)

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