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 Posted: Jun 22nd, 2012 04:08 PM
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pol wrote:
VERY HARD to comprehend how a husband could murder the mother of 3 young girls - no matter for what reason or provocation.

Consulted trusty spiritworld (if not always in accuracy ~ certainly in presence -responsiveness.

Didn't ask any questions for several minutes after switching on recorder - although had been thinking about the case (further evidence spirits CAN apparently read minds)-

Messages:. "Please help me" ...."husband" .. "husband" (female) - possibly Allison herself ?

Asked who murdered Allison Baden-Clay-

"It was her husband did it" (female)

"Husband ?" (male -questioning)

"Very hard to credit" (male)

"Help me" (female)

"CHILDREN" - one of the clearest words I've heard since using EVP (could be a factor of being most concerned about the children.


"He's evil" (female) .. was looking at his photo online.

One could be forgiven for thinking the guy connived to construct a self-incriminating scenario ~ through a wealth of circumstantial evidence .. with the aim of profiting through compensatory damages ?