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 Posted: Jun 5th, 2012 07:26 PM
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Hi Jayne

I previously had the admin of AtransC website reiterate same as you impart about the inherent difficulties with conducting a 'spirit crime solving site'.. I also recall they mentioning having trialled the idea at one stage (or still maintain a provision within their website .. need to check)
However, I think it's still worth going with it ~ for if it actually achieves to solve just one horrid murder, I reckon it's worth it. (perhaps even the public knowledge of the existence of such a site may in turn even serve as a deterrent to the perpetration of serious crime - one can only hope!)
Personally I wouldn't worry about the prospect of "leading investigators down the wrong path" - for I reckon they'd be well & truly used to it.. just part & parcel of their line of work!.. Further, from your describing the difficulties in relation to law enforcement accepting input from paranormal sources.. it would appear our Aust. law enforcement may be rather more open & advanced - for have heard they're commonly apt to collaborate with psychic's in relation to the most difficult to solve murder cases.
Although the subject matter is one of a serious nature (can't get more serious than murder)... my intention isn't for the site to be treated utmost seriously (if that makes sense?) .. Actually first came up with the fab name .."spiritsolvit" ... perhaps can even incorporate input from spirit in relation to "cures" for today's enduring diseases & illnesses - for if they can actually 'diagnose' (from my experience) - then why not an additional supply of curatives? .. for another deplore of mine is seeing people endure intractable illness.