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 Posted: Mar 11th, 2012 09:00 AM
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Hi" TARGET="_blank">">Hi my friends, my brothers. I'm posting something curious. Friedrich Jurgenson, who is considered by many the father of eletronic voice phenomena, was also: A producer of documentary filmmaker, painter, singer. In this video I posted on youtube, Friedrich Jurgenson heard singing one of their songs. and he sang very bem.Fica here in our forum, this recording, so beautiful musical interpretation of Friedrich Jurgenson. I hope that my friends, brothers enjoyed this postagem.Com a fraternal embrace from the south of Brazil, South America Your friend, brother researcher of EVP, ITC.  J Pedroso


Friedrich Jurgenson canta musica de sua autoria.wmv

 Friedrich Jurgenson sings his song. wmv[/flash[/url]] 

*** If a friend, or girlfriend, brother, sister, like, is my invitation to visit my simple page in southern Brazil,is about EVP, ITC. Doctrine of spirits, reincarnation, and related topics, and this in several languages ​​is multilingual, If you do not know me, I also would like to be your friend, and collaborate. I am Brazilian, Study the doctrine of spirits from the 70's, along itc, evp, I know very little of his English language, but I labor, study, and use various translators, for better comunicar.  I want to say good things, converças of friends, brothers, if a word does not go well, it was because of online translator, and I ask you to forgive me, for I am learning their lingua.I wish you well my brothers and sisters, we are all spirits, immortal sons of God. J Pedroso

Diálogos com o lado de la ( Dialogues with the side of it )

Sobre TCI - EVP ( FVE )Eletronic Voice Phenomenon - Metafonia - PVE ( 03 de setembro de 2011 )


Please correct the video is mi.Muito thanks, but I'm learning how to do, not well understood, such as posting their collaboration with vídeo.Contarei amigo.Esta otimo posted the address of the video.

If by chance, I could not, properly posting this video, with audio. Please correct the video is mi. Thank you, but I'm learning how to do, not well understood, such as posting their collaboration with vídeo. Contarei amigo. Tell her collaboration with my friend. This one posted the address of the wonderful interpretation of audio video Jurgenson.
Jota Pedroso , Brazil

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