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 Posted: Nov 17th, 2011 08:47 AM
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Well I knew I would find it....eventually :-)

It was just out of my reach last time I checked....
Near a dresser -- inside a Radio Shack Sack (of course) LOL

There isn't as much "lime green" color on the Voice Star Recorder as I had remembered...really only a small amount.

The Audio Quality of these things are TERRIBLE!!

But I also got mine as an "obsolete" item on sale for under $5 US money.

**Sure glad I didn't need any instructions on how to operate the thing**

The button layout is sure wacky...don't understand what THEY were thinking :-)

I'm going to try an external microphone today to see if the audio can be enhanced a's plenty loud enough up close, but it has a LOT of popping and crackling in between the pick up of sound (quite areas).

I have uploaded a picture to a file sharing site--I couldn't get them small enough to upload here--although they started as a cell phone picture to begin with.

Hope the link works--I never used this service before :-)

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