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ITC Bridge and are now VARANORMAL.COM Please visit: This site does not allow new registrations, and is now an online archive of a decade of Paranormal and ITC (Instrumental Transcommunication) experimentation from 2007 - 2016 We thank you for a wonderful decade! ~ Keith Clark & Ron Ruiz

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Build a Bridge - ITC Bridge Radio Collaboration Project

     We know that spirit can influence sound waves to form evp (electronic voice phenomena). We also know that there are groups of people in the world that

have been able to achieve sustained radio contact. For the last year, I have been demonstrating that spirit can also influence sound waves to produce their images. What would happen if all of this could be combined to create real-time television from spirit?

     We are told and we believe that an effort of a group of people has the potential to achieve great things. What is the best way to get a large group of people involved in something so important? 

     I am now hosting a live audio/video broadcast in which everyone can participate. The goal is to increase the level of consciousness and combine the collective energy of a large group of people to achieve real-time television with spirit. Using the approach of “See what I see, hear what I hear” this is a first in real-time experiments in Instrumental Transcommunication. No experience in ITC or spirit communication is necessary to participate.    

     Stop by, view the live feed and chat for a few minutes. Ask spirit to speak to you or send you an image. Impossible? Think Again. Spirit is waiting for your participation.

All are welcome.

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