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Klaus Schreiber in Action - Posted by "Psychophon"  Rate Topic 
 Posted: Sep 24th, 2008 08:36 PM
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Keith Clark

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A video of Klaus Schreiber as he performs his experiments.


Original source:
Schreiber demonstrates a method and results of experimenting with the video feedback loop.

Klaus Schreiber did not dispose of any technical knowledge, nor had he any parapsychological or esoterical ambitions, but his love for his deceased relatives united him with them beyond the grave and gave him the force and the pertinacy needed for his time-consuming experiments, often lasting throughout the nights. A further message received from the Beyond via magnetic tape induced him to direct his video camera to the television screen, with the consequence that he saw his television set a number of times on video. The next hint from the other level of being put him on the right trail. The key to it was "empty channel". Schreiber followed this advice, and now an undefinable cloudy formation developped on the screen, out of which then took shape his daughter Karin, passed at the age of eighteen. She was and remained to be his mediator in all his trials. It was also she who drew his attention to the fact that he must not take coloured pictures because the entities in the Beyond can show in black and white only. Klaus Schreiber held the camera at approximately two to two-and-a-half meters distance from the television set. This way he took a great number of images resembling a tunnel. An infinity emerged down to a point out of which then the images from the Beyond built up. Each of the entities in the Beyond showed just an instant, so that they could only be made visible using the stop-motion mechanism. This means that when he took twentyfive pictures per second, and when recording for about five minutes, around 7500 stop-motion switchings were necessary for being able to perhaps see one entity from the Beyond. Schreiber succeeded in recording not only his deceased family members (father, mother, spouse, daughter, son and other relatives), but also many other persons, known or unknown to him, as well as very important persons. During the Basler PSI-Tage held in November 1985, Schreiber remitted his images from the Beyond to Rainer Holbe, presenter of the serial broadcasts "Unglaubliche Geschichten" (Unbelievable Stories) at Radio Luxemburg, who showed these photos in a subsequent transmission. The heading of a pictorial read: "Millions of TV viewers held their breaths." Rainer Holbe himself professed: "I am convinced that Klaus Schreiber's material is authentic. We can by no means have to do with manipulation, because our technicians have verified his documents with utmost painstaking. I am impressed and fascinated. Diplom-Ingenieur (professional engineer) Martin Wenzel of Aachen cooperated very closely with Klaus Schreiber. Wenzel, who at the beginning had a very sceptic attitude regarding Schreiber's experiments, became his most eager collaborator and a proponent of Schreiber's research after he had convinced himself of the authenticity of the phenomenon and the integrity of Klaus Schreiber.

"Oscillation fields are the pre-requisite for transmissions from the Beyond to our world on our time-bound level. Without these, the entities in the Beyond would not be able to impart themselves to us. Certainly, they are always present and try to find contact with us, but only when we open ourselves in love and long for contact, the vibration fields can unite on the spiritual level, and the Beyond is able to communicate with this world." -Klaus

Original source:


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