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EVP - Dead?.....  Rate Topic 
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 Posted: Sep 21st, 2008 05:26 PM
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Joined: Sep 16th, 2008
Location: Oregon USA
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my personal opinion, is that not all entities are "dead" .. they may just exist in faster frequency realms than we can see with our 5 senses.  in fact, what we think of as "death" may just be a molting or "shedding of skin" into one of these higher frequency realms.

cosmologist Max Tegmark, wrote some interestng articles on other dimensions , both in Discover, and Scientific American magazines .. though i am not aware of his spiritual views

I have heard that the earth naturally resonates at 7.83hz .. but a human brain needs to meditate at 41hz or above to act as a medium (per EEG observations) ... so i suspect maybe the next higher realm is in that bracket ... and it has made me think of experimenting with "old cordless phones" well below 2.4 ghz. or even 900mhz lol ... if a 45ish hz phone even exists

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You have chosen to ignore spectercombob. click Here to view this post

 Posted: Sep 30th, 2008 06:03 AM
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Joined: Mar 3rd, 2008
Location: Muskogee, Oklahoma USA
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The EVP seems to be saying 'Listen to me, i'm not dead'.
Being originally from England, I might pick up on dialect changes perhaps more readily..or maybe less so :blink: Anyway, would where you live have the pronunciation of 'not' as more like 'nat' ?
If the 'nat' were drawn out, for emphasis, then 'not' would be the word, if you follow me. Otherwise it could be two words.

My own little escape into the paranormal, started apparently at birth, surfaced just before and into my teen years and then has seen intense research and experimentation over the last 5 years while i'm now nearing 40. I've often noted spirit themes of existence, recurring themes that may well be indicators for truth and myth. One is of the link to somewhat Hindu belief systems. My own spiritual path appears to be a making sense of reality journey and that is common to many, now that orthodox religions seem to carry less power for us than in previous times..
The lack of realisation of death can be readily appreciated within even Hollywood films...6th Sense is quite the classic for that. If a person has little need in life to research and study, weigh up and dismiss, then they're less likely to spot the pointers of not being alive. It won't occur to them that they haven't eaten for days, haven't slept, toileted or washed.
That stage seems to be the first stage.
It's when relatives come along to visit those they left behind, leave signs to show they made it over to the other side. It's the old Purgatory thought of the Catholic church. A sort of holding area for newbies.
Adjustment to anything new will take a while...much like nerol was saying above, we still have our human mindset intact.
Time is very much still the governor of all we do, light and movement are integral features of existence. Only over a period of adjustment and (from Ouija sessions as a later teen) small 'holiday' periods of learning, do we begin the next phase of the death experience.
Whether we then go on to place markers on the changes we made in that lifetime or not is of course unknown and whether we come back again and repeat the same life in a new shell to learn something else is again conjecture...but it seems that first stage is where this person is at.

Being as he was exasperated, trying to inform you that he was no ghost, there would be a natural emphasis on his words and indeed a sigh at the end. There may be no voicebox or lungs to create the sigh, but, there aren't those things to create the words either !
If we can hear them talk, we can hear them create any sound they would on earth.

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