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Frame-by-frame video analysis using QuickTime  Rating:  Rating
 Posted: Jan 15th, 2007 10:25 AM
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Joined: Jan 10th, 2007
Location: Toronto, Ontario Canada
Posts: 45
Hi all,
Found a couple good tips on how to view frame-by-frame using QuickTime 7 (first tip is using free quicktime player, second is using the pro player which costs $30).

"You can now move the movie frame-by-frame, backward or forward, via the scroll wheel on a so-equipped mouse. If the movie is already playing, it will enter pause mode and then step frame by frame. Roll the wheel "up" for forward, and "down" for backward."
[This applies to QuickTime 7 Mac - I don't know for sure if it works on PC but don't see why it wouldn't.]

You can export all frames as stills in one step, see last paragraph.  This applies to QuickTime Pro which is costs $30:
To save a still image from a movie:
    Move the playhead to the frame you want to export. Choose File > Export. Choose "Movie to Picture" from the Export pop-up menu. Click Options and choose a format from the "Compression type" pop-up menu.
To export every frame from the movie as a series of images, choose "Movie to Image Sequence." Exporting every frame can generate a very large number of files; you may want to export to a folder rather than to the desktop.


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 Posted: Jan 15th, 2007 09:31 PM
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Keith Clark

Joined: Dec 31st, 2006
Location: Clearwater, Florida USA
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Hello John,

Thank you for sharing your techniques with other readers. I'm sure some will find it very helpful! We need every bit we can get.

Your post was moved to the techniques section because the ITC Bridge tutorial section is reserved for video tutorials.


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 Posted: Jul 26th, 2008 01:37 PM
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Joined: Feb 10th, 2007
Location: Aberdare., United Kingdom
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Thanks JT for your info on this, take care, Lance

Please visit.
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 Posted: Feb 19th, 2009 01:51 PM
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Joined: Oct 20th, 2008
Location: Florence, Massachusetts USA
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Virtualdub can do just this and can save all video frames as stills in bmp, jpeg, targa or png.

Vdub can import, through import plugins, asf, wmv, mov, AC3, vob, mpeg1-2, flash and more through ffdshow.

I have been using this application for years.  It doesn't compare to Vegas or Premiere but can do certain things those commercials programs can't do.  Virtualdub working alongside with avisynth is a powerful combination.

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