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My thoughts on the physical explanation for EVP  Rate Topic 
 Posted: Nov 15th, 2021 11:56 PM
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In quantum physics, there is a process by which non-material beings could actually convey information in a way that could have eluded scientists until now,
due to the subjective predispositions of observers and the differences that make it impossible to subject a phenomenon to a scientific method (independent teams, independent laboratories, double-blind testing, etc.) .
This process is a quantum superposition that creates a conscious experience for the observer on the principle of reduction to a certain state.
Quantum theory (for example on the example of Schrodinger's cat) assumes that every unconscious experience (closed box) is in a superposition of all possible states,
and its realization through observation (opening the box and looking inside) reduces it to one of these states (the cat is alive or the cat is dead) and the result is to be random and statistically consistent if we repeat the observation many times.
Observation (in the sense of quantum mechanics) is not only visual, but also acoustic - that is, listening to various sounds.
So every sound sample before we hear it and realize it - it is also in the superposition of all possible frequencies, amplitudes, durations, etc. possible sound parameters.
From the parameters in quantum superposition, in the mind of the listener (as an observer in the understanding of quantum mechanics) one specific course is ultimately reduced.
And so in this superposition, in the range of 20-20000 Hz, amplitude 0-100% of the duration from milliseconds to seconds, the shape of the course of each sample - specific values ​​emerge.
The theory assumes that the results of quantum reduction from superposition - are objectively purely random and the observer has no influence on them.
Okay, the observer has no influence on them, but let's assume (that at least subjectively to a single observer) they are not accidental after all (for example Einstein's famous quote: "God does not play dice")
If invisible beings (called ghosts) could have an impact on the world material, to human experience - in my opinion it is precisely through the manipulation of the results of quantum reduction in the observer.
With this topic, I mean the acoustic experience in the minds of the observers - so information could be communicated in this way.
The selection (by the aforementioned beings from the other world) of appropriate values ​​of the parameters of sound samples (from among superpositions, e.g. radio noise),
will create a more or less readable modulation that can be understood e.g. as a human voice.
The same is the case with the recording of such an acoustic background, where the reduction process in the observer's mind takes place during the first listening to the recorded material.

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