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Germanium Properties  Rate Topic 
 Posted: Oct 12th, 2017 05:28 PM
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Hello, does anyone know if Germanium is able to record audio..

Please let me explain abit.

I am building a Germanium Receptor as per Scole Experiment.

I am just testing each bit as I build to make sure it works. Now I am just testing how the Germanium block interacts with the audio recording on. ie just seeing what sounds/electrical noise is generated.
I have a 3.5mm jack on a short length of cable. I placed left audio channel cable one side of the germanium block, and the ground audio channel cable on the other side of the germanium block.

I then plugged the 3.5 into my PC Line-In socket and started to record using Audacity and I noticed a strange effect.
The harder I pressed the cable into the block the more sensitive the recording. What I mean is when touching I get a flat electrical waveform, then as I push harder the recording starts to pick up background noises (ie my TV or myself speaking)

Does Germanium do this?? what is causing the germanium to vibrate or oscillate under pressure to be able to record background audible noise.
I thought the design of the Germanium Receptor was not able to record background sounds.
From the Scole Experiment Website.....
The result, is a recording of the communication only, not the voices of those present during the experiment.

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