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My First Capture-2001  Rate Topic 
 Posted: Dec 23rd, 2014 05:36 AM
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Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz

Joined: Nov 17th, 2013
Location: Liberty, Missouri USA
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ART Tube MP.
Large Diaphragm 1" condenser (very similar to a Marshall MXL 990).
Cool Edit Pro.

The capture took place during the late spring/summer of 2001.

This was captured where I grew up, and lived for 16 years.
The place was chewed up. I could spin flax golden tales, for days, over the bizarre phenomenon that happened there.

One morning, I decided to experiment with my new mic setup, to see how sensitive it was.

This capture was completely unintentional, and unprovoked.  Not sure I really even knew of EVP or ITC, at the time.

It basically consisted of me sitting as quietly as I could , with headphones on, and turning up the gain on the Tube MP.

I digitally amplified the gain in Cool Edit to a ridiculous level, and ran hard noise print.
The recording pretty much sounded like static before the noise print...

I did not hear this sound during the recording process, only after I applied the gain and noise print.

The house was completely open, back door, windows, you can heard the birds out back getting louder as I adjust the gain settings.

When I finally rendered the noise print effect, I was surprised to see a large peak in my wave form.

And this is the sound it made.
Listen close at 32s.


Attachment: listen close at 32s.mp3 (Downloaded 763 times)

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