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Greetings, dear friends, how are you??  Rate Topic 
 Posted: Jun 26th, 2014 12:55 PM
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Joined: Jun 23rd, 2014
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I'm coming back to this form after maybe a year or so away and I believe I never posted in the "Introductions" section so this time I want to post here. I have been interested in ITC ever since my "semi-vagabond" days of wondering around the city in which I live (In New York) in my 20's and 30's and often going to various Barnes and Nobles all around the city, I stumbled across a book on ITC (A general introduction) which I can't find anymore but it was basically an introduction and a more-or-less brief history of it like the one by Theo Locher which is in all black and white which I ordered from Mark Macy. But this one as color and it really piqued my interest. I haven't always been interested in ITC per se, but I HAVE been interested in the paranormal, "haunted" houses and cemeteries and anything that goes "bump" in the night for quite some time now (ever since I was a teenager.) But when I came across this book, I thought the supposed pictures of the "After-life" in it were absolutely stunning. It really set my imagination in motion and the beauty and fascination I find in it, I really find no end. One thing I asked Mark Macy when I contacted him is what's the difference between the so-called "Third" Level and Paradise and he really couldn't give me an answer. Supposedly, the Third" level is where you wake up, immediately AFTER you do and then after you find that after you don't need to reincarnate anymore you go then go on to "higher" planes of existence such as the fourth, fifth all the way to the so-called seventh level where you supposedly reunite with the Source of Everything and experience utter bliss. That still doesn't explain what or where Paradise is which I almost definitely know is real because I have had "visions" of it. You can't really call those images "visions" because they are more really images you see in your minds eye after some sort of extreme exertion or state of duress like after a viscious fight for instance. That's what happened to me! Don't think anything good comes from experiencing no kind of extreme hardships because really, it doesn't! But anyway, those things that I "saw" relly might be figments of my imagination and not anything that I really do "remember" from having been there before. Maybe those places that I saw are my highest IDEALS that remain buried deep within me and nobody can take that away from me. Actually, when I was a child, I experienced an "ITC" contact of my own without even trying or even knowing about the phenomenon. It happened in the early 80's when the ITC contacts in Europe were just starting and were possibly at their peak. It might have happened before to me but I really don't remember those other times. But anyway, as I was watching Television, some kind of image came up on the screen, totally unrelated to what I observed just seconds before. The image that I saw was of the type that you may find in any other ITC contact through the television, as the images look surreal and definitely, out-of-this world. I really never told anyone of this, and for many years (especially, at the time) I never gave much thought to it about what the "Hell" it was. But the scene was a mountainy landscape that looked very curious and very much like the "mountainy" landscapes you find in itc contacts that were already recorded (check out, if you haven't already) But on this mountain was some kind of Indian Man. He then took some kind of a pin, stuck it in the side of his mouth, and then proceeded to PEEL his lips off! I was watching it like, 'yea, yea," then the film was cut off.I never thought much of it, and because it wasn't recorded I never bothered to explain to anybody what I saw because I never knew it could be an afterlife communication, something that I never knew anyone I know, would be interested in. But, so there it is. There might have been other spontaneous itc contacts in my life, but that is the one that stands out most in my mind. What I think is, that Indian and that whole scene on the mountain top is MY imagination REALIZED and then projected onto the TV screen. After all, it is said that we each make our own heaven and hell and heaven is whatever we think of it. There is no particular place called heaven and we each travel to our own self-made heaven or hell after we "pass on." Anyway, I really hope I have a really good imagination as I think I do because I want to go to the best place after my "time" on Earth here has has expired. After all, as the the song goes, "when I dies and they lay me to rest, gonna go to the place that's the best!" But even death isn't necessary. You can live here indefinitely (it is my belief) for as long as you want because Earth itself is a FORM of heaven or ONE of the heavens. But anyway, I'm still trying to figure that one out, but what I do know, some aspects of Earth are too stark and too painful for me to remain here for too long, unless I change it. After all, I don't think the Earth will END after my personal passing, will it? I mean, I'm not that powerful, am I?? But anyway, but without boring you with the other "strange" occurrances in my life, that make me think my life is special, I HAVE put together a little "Spiricom" set up, with my computer, radio, Audacity program and little FM transmitter that I just bought on ebay. Haven't had success with it yet, but I did hear some kind of "interruptions" in the sound the other day which I feel shouldn't have been there if there was no kind of contact made. Maybe, as the television incident in my childhood indicates, I have some kind of special ability to contact the other side, even though it is known you need to have extra special psychic abilities in order to do so. But as my interest in this subject is obvious, maybe "spirit" can help me do that. I WISH, and I hope and I pray. Anyway, thanks for reading, and if I do achieve any success, I will let you people know! Thanks again, and again, glad to meet you and I wish you all the greatest success in your own itc experiments. If you wish to contact me personally, I would more than welcome any kind of experiences or ideas you may have about ITC or anything related to spirit communication. Maybe it's true, that no man can do it alone when it comes to spirit communication and I don't claim to be the exception. Maybe together, we could achieve the results that were achieved in the 1980's and 90's. Maybe it's time to get a new generation of ITC researchers who are successfully contacting the other side for the spiritual upliftment and benefit of the whole human race. Most successful contacts, you would agree, stopped after the dissolution of INIT (The International Network for Instrumental-Transcommunication.)That was when I was most blind. What do you think will happen when I'm most open to such things?? We could create worlds!
Email: [email protected]

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 Posted: Jun 26th, 2014 01:13 PM
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Joined: Feb 10th, 2007
Location: Aberdare., United Kingdom
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Hello YM1975..
And thankyou for your open/honest intro... a big welcome to the forum..
Take care, Lance.

Please visit.
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 Posted: Jun 27th, 2014 06:29 AM
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Keith Clark

Joined: Dec 31st, 2006
Location: Clearwater, Florida USA
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Hi, pleasure to meet you, and thank you for sharing your thought, ideas, and expression with us.

I resonate and agree with your assessment of "heaven", etc. and feel that we create our own "heaven" or "hell"....

I also started out by scouring and devouring every last word on worlditc, it was a launching platform for my interest and successive work.

Your last expressed sentiment, one of working together as the primary focus, rather than as individuals, is also one that I share. I feel the misconception that was made in the past and that continues as a whole, but is quickly changing, is the idea that "I can change the world. I will prove life after death to the world. I'll work hard, and everything will work out." Then people get frustrated.

The next generation of work with spirit encompasses all spirituality, not just that of ITC. Let's take an example: if I was someone in spirit and I said "hmmm, I want to work with someone in the physical plane towards a common goal.....let's see, who shall I work with?" you think they would choose a person acting as an individual, or see a group that resonates and choose them? I would choose the group. not that spirit doesn't work directly with individuals, because they most certainly do. the question is: what has the most potential?

The world of experimentation is changing rapidly. Within the next couple of years I feel we'll see more people coming together ad sharing each other's work, not just their own.

As Mark Macy and countless others have described and communicated, the goal is:

To bring humankind into alignment with who we really are, that we are spirit, that there is no death, and that a combination of working together, raising awareness, and developing our spirituality is the bigger picture.

Proof of life after death is a means to an end, not the finality.


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