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Rem-Pod, K2 Meter Lights  Rating:  Rating
 Posted: Jan 21st, 2014 08:58 AM
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The other evening the wife (Aggi) and I broke out the Rem-Pod and K2 meter to see if anyone/Spirit was around and or willing to work with us?
First we setup the K2 but before we even started asking  questions it started flashing. This K2 meter will seldom flash unless you get right on top of something electrical so this was odd, it was at that point we turned on the Rem-Pod as well just to try to back each device up. Dummy me didn't think to setup the video camera before hand but at least I remembered to record the session.
In this clip you will hear the Rem-Pod beeping in the background , In trying to get more lights to come on you will hear me say to the spirits "Put both your hands on it"
In response I believe to be hearing several things being said?
"Impossible/Possible"  "For Me"  Then I hear my wife's birth name being said "Agnes" and lastly the word "Dead" that is long and draw out.

Attachment: RemPod.wav (Downloaded 307 times)

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 Posted: Jan 24th, 2014 02:31 PM
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Hi Ray....
 Yea there appears to be alot being spoken in that EVP, I can hear the words that you hear...At 5.2 seconds I can hear the word as, or sounds like 'Beverly'????
  Take care Lance.

Please visit.
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