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PVP Ghost Caputuring.  Rate Topic 
 Posted: Sep 20th, 2012 06:01 PM
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Has anyone here ever did any PVP Ghost capturing, i believe it where you take video of a un-tuned TV station and record it with a video camera.

I Not realy seen much on this, but i know people have tried it on the past, reason i asked i just watched a old episode of Sightings - Ghosts on youtube, link.

I have 3 old Analogue TVs thats not being use and was thinking of trying myself sometime, but people do state you have to watch the Video Frame by Frame,which could take hours to do..

Here is a Video with some PVP on it, check last 5 minutes of video i think it is.

I got a Good mind in trying myself, but not sure as when i will try it.

Here is some pictures i found on google which i thought look interesting.


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swg (Copy).png

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 Posted: Sep 21st, 2012 09:23 AM
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Yeah, this works pretty well. I use a feedback loop technique myself, setting an infra-red sensitive camera up for B&W and letting it use it's illuminators to flood the area of focus.

Record 5 minutes at a go after inviting your pals in to play with the equipment as they see fit. Then analyze frame by frame.

I like setting it up so that there is just a milky, flowing stream of smeary light and what looks like smoke, but do not let the screen "strobe". Search our very own forums and the Internet for "Schreiber Method ITC". Do be cautious however, as these images are subject to easy falsification. I have yet to *ever* duplicate Schreiber's degree of clarity and the clarity others have displayed over time. For me it just does not happen that clear or obviously.

Nearly any camera will do too, I just happen to be experimenting with a Sony XDR Hi8 Handycam, Nightshot capable. But I have used an EOS D7, Powershot A40, Powershot E 480SD, a specially modified G-2 for Infra Red only and a Cybershot 8MP w/Nightshot. As long as there is a video output in real time from the sensor to feed back into a TV and you can record either in camera or external VCR/PC video capture. Keeping the sessions short reduces workload for yourself in post production/review - and I find that spirit usually exhausts energies available to them in about that time no less. Do not forget to analyze audio while you're going over the video, sometimes you may get an EVP in lack of, and even in conjunction with activity on-screen. :D

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