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 Posted: Sep 7th, 2012 08:35 PM
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Joined: Aug 28th, 2012
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Just a quick Question.

How do you know if one has a SPIRIT GUIDE. Does every one have a Guide.? If not then how do they/we get one.???

Im not even sure if i have a spirit Guide, but i hope i do,if i don't how do i get a Spirit Guide to help with my Paranormal investigations to keep me safe..

Another Question:, if i do have a Guide, how do i know if it is Male or Female, and what there name is.?


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 Posted: Sep 19th, 2012 08:44 PM
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If you breathe oxygen, you have one. At least! More can come on request/need. What it takes to get in contact is to acknowledge and trust that they/it has been there from the very moment you drew that first breath. They thrive on love. As that is what they deal in exclusively. Show them some and you'll get it back many times over. You will never obtain a name from them, that has been my experience, but do not let that vex you. They communicate in symbols and emotions. It's their substance, their currency and their stock in trade.

Meditate upon them. Ask them for confirmation of their presence and remain open for the flood of emotion and imagery they will supply in turn. They respond to me in dreams. They give me "names" - symbols I can invoke and recall from memory to gather them close. Male, female - by asking them to engender themselves limits them. They are far beyond most to comprehend yet are so within reach for the *asking*.

Enigmatic, I know. But you'll know when you have make that first contact and you start to communicate.

It is their love of you and humanity that drive them. They have been known to manifest, typically as a very elegant, beautiful humans in flesh, of either gender and their most striking features is their eyes. Do not fear to behold them when you do, do not fear them when they also just as quickly depart your company. Be prepared for an overwhelming sense of "All is good, I am loved" when they touch your spirit. Some leave traces - feathers as one example. Some will *hand* you a *business card*, believe it or not. In times of no uncertain demise, they exhibit great strength and willingness to help. And just when you're away from harm and turn to thank them, shake a hand? You'll wonder if anyone was there at all to aid you.

They will NOT interfere in day to day dealings. Save your breath if the neighbor's dog is digging up your lawn - that's just life. But in moments of fear...

Moments where life is on the line...

And when there is just nothing but darkness to your day, thoughts or situation...

Invoke them.

They too also have many rules to abide by. But one of them is they can and do consider requests - the more selfless the quicker the response. And look for signs. They leave them everywhere. Groupings of numbers or repeating patterns is how you'll know. Dire requests, of serious need and intent should be asked three times.

Work with them and they will quickly work with you, and compel you as needed. I am pretty sure my own are getting a smirky giggle as I try to make sense of all of this and respond to you as they do delight in a small way in how we hold them in awe yet we are just ever so slightly *less* than they are.

All I know is I want my wings when I shuffle off my boots for the last time. ;D

Edit: My real, waking life middle name is that of an Archangel, truth be told. I find that I am skilled in much the same manner he is purported to be and try dearly to mimic his behavior in all of my endeavors. I have quite a bit to go before I can properly "own" that name, but wouldn't mind the responsibilities of the job or office. ;)

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