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While the wife and I were visiting this ship we did ride on the ships elevator.
The elevator is not all that big so only a few people can get in there at a time.
(Just us two) I was carrying a recorder during this visit
During the recording your about to see and hear a kind of strange thing happened on this ride but the doors closed quickly and it started moving even before pressing any buttons which kind of surprised us, Remembering the supposed stories about this ship being haunted and the story I once seen on TV show about another group that rode an elevator in a hospital and ended up in a ghostly civil war operating room scene,I then said out loud "Take Us To The Bowels of this Ship" Just to see if something would happen.(You Never Know)
Because I didn't get a chance to press any button selection ,you will hear me say that I couldn't read the directory,
Then you will hear what sounds like "Sure You Can" as a response and in addition when I make the comment "Take Us To The Bowels" you can hear what sounds like another response saying "Read It"
both I believe referring to the buttons on the control panel.
This is a video link to a video I made with the raw recording,

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