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ITC Bridge and are now VARANORMAL.COM Please visit: This site does not allow new registrations, and is now an online archive of a decade of Paranormal and ITC (Instrumental Transcommunication) experimentation from 2007 - 2016 We thank you for a wonderful decade! ~ Keith Clark & Ron Ruiz

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February 2012, The Stream Continues, Stronger, Better  Rate Topic 
 Posted: Mar 11th, 2012 01:08 AM
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Keith Clark

Joined: Dec 31st, 2006
Location: Clearwater, Florida USA
Posts: 1637
Hello my friends.

After practically a 2 year 3 month hiatus, the ITC Bridge stream is permanently live in real-time. I have settled in Safety Harbor, Fl. and the time has come to come back to home base, become regrounded, and begin work anew.

Since Feb 27 or so, the stream has been live. A lot has changed in 2 years! I can now do with one computer what used to take me 2, and I can restart it once a week vs. once every morning. Gotta love technology!

With one computer with an i7 core, the stream comes in from a radio, it is run through the spectrograph, run through 3 audio direct x live filters, streamed live, and displayed by screen software. Virtual audio routing software also makes possible what used to be impossible by allowing me to route the audio into various filters and out to the stream.

In California, as mentioned before, there are basic principles of electronic and electric energy that can be used and manipulated by spirit for the best connection and manipulation for voice and pictures. Right now we have found that is coming from an aftermarket power adapter for the radio that is over-driving the speaker (by accident) at 6VDC, instead of 4.5VDC. This produces a crackle and amplification of the effect spirit is able to produce on the radio. The end result is the images and voices you hear. We work at the frequencies of approximately 150-200Khz on average, way below typical AM radio range.

Both myself and speaking for spirit, we are immensely excited about new opportunities and the forward progression of the project. Participation is welcomed, unless otherwise stated, the stream is always 100% live, real-time, with up to a 15 second delay. We love the participation and shared energy of anyone out there who believes that we can create a bridge out of sheer willpower, love, and remembrance of who we truly are.

See you on the stream,

Keith J. Clark

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