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On this raw clip you will hear 2 people, Myself and another person named Tom,
We area in an area at work that is known for possible Evp, Both of us are employed here as Maintenance people,I take care of the facilities or building part of it and he takes care of the production equipment of it.He is also very interested in what I do in regards to recording for Evp. We had decided to setup and try to do a recording session during a Christmas Shutdown because no one would but maintenance people would be around.We agreed to meet at 4:00 AM in the morning to do this to make sure we were alone.
While my recorder was running and I was setting up my laptop to also record, Tom was taking a look at the equipment in this room when he noticed an oil leak that another maintenance person had left on the floor from the day before, His first words are "Jesus Christ" when he finds this.When you listen to this clip you will hear this music fade in just before he says these words and then fade out shortly afterwords.
There was no radio in that room with us.

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