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 Posted: Dec 14th, 2011 05:54 PM
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Joined: Dec 7th, 2011
Location: ;iverpool, United Kingdom
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Hello to all,
I thought It might be a good topic to bring up as so many people come In to contact with spirit energy's and physical people on a daily basis as well as on investigations or rescues.
 As you may know when you strip away the body we are after all made up of energy which can be like a moth to a flame to an energy looking for your light.
Residual energy Is all around, every piece of land has Its own history or story to tell and often a replay of an event good or bad can occur.
 This Is often the case when people see shapes or catch a glimpse of something In the corner of there eye to seeing a full manifestation for example, there are easy ways to protect yourself which can be done In minutes, the more you do this the easier and stronger It becomes.

If any one Is interested In learning this type of protection then mail me with your birth date and I'll be delighted to help.
blessings to all

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