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Quantum physics & very low temperature  Rating:  Rating
 Posted: Aug 11th, 2011 12:59 PM
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I wonder if anyone tried to very low temperatures.
I mean performance of classical electronic acoustic noise generator, eg on the basis of Zener diode or germanium diode, or something called "Raudive diode."
Raudive diode is connected to the microphone input recording device (instead of a microphone). except that this element generates noise schłodziłbym to the lowest temperature, preferably by immersing in liquid helium (a few K) or even in liquid nitrogen (tens of K).
EVP in my opinion is formed on the principle of modulation of the stream of free electrons, which are subject to phenomena such as tunneling, quantum fluctuation.
Thermal noise - the movement of free electrons - from high temperatures is so strong that it completely drowns out any signals (voices).
Each microphone, the transistor - and thus microphone amplifier in the recording device - a so-called. self noise, which is precisely the movement of free electrons.
This is because any votes would not normally hear, and only after playing the recording, because they do not arise on the basis of sound wave excitation diaphragm microphone, but at the quantum level, just as the modulation noise of semiconductor own recording device.
At very low temperatures, thermal noise almost disappears, then it comes into play normally outgrown by noise - Quantum coherence of electrons, which may be modulated by nature intangible, creating EVP.
For this reason, cooled to near absolute zero as possible - CCD professional astronomical telescopes, registering the farthest corners of the universe.
If someone has access to very low temperatures - can perform the experiment.

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 Posted: Aug 11th, 2011 07:37 PM
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I imagine if someone wanted to try it on the cheap,  one could acquire a quantum diode and use dry ice for starters.

Interesting idea.


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 Posted: Sep 7th, 2011 10:27 AM
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Dear Robert and friends on this forum,

I've come to the conclusion that the intelligence that is behind electronic voice phenomenon is in the very nature of random behavior. Since electronic noise is by nature random, we can detect intelligence there.

The Raudive diode is merely a low threshold germanium diode that detects vocal frequencies in atmospheric electronic noise. If the source of noise is eliminated by near absolute zero temperatures, the vocal frequencies will be eliminated too. In the case of atmospheric noise, the cooling of a detector will not diminish the noise unless the detector stops functioning.

I think the voices are integral to the noise and cannot be easily separated by super cooling. If the intelligence contained in vocal frequencies can be sorted by computer or merely the human mind, the noise with no message can be stripped from the message.

Using a microprocessor and a speech synthesizer, I have generated spoken words detected in radio noise from blank channels.

However, intelligence may be detected by fortune telling methods that do not use electronics in any way. Common methods all use random behavior to produce messages to the operator. Tarot is shuffled cards, I Ching is symbols built from random numbers generated by coin tosses.
Even the kids toy eightball gives intelligent answers.


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