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You have a very bad quality recording.
You did right by posting the raw .wav file (because using codecs like mp3 lessen the quality), however you should have turned the "microphone boost" off in the advanced options of the Mic on the Volume Control. If it was already turned off then it must be something with your mic I don't know what but it's the same with mine that is it creates an additional fat noise in the recording. Did you do it by purpose?
Anyway, there are two white lines that Cool Edit software shows if you load a wave sample - they are shown above and under the waveform (amplitudal representation). The wavefrom of you recording crosses those lines meaning that it is so loud that its quality is deteriorated.

I listened to you recording using cool edit's noise reduction filter and heard the words:
"yes" @ 0:43.641-0:44.376 (male voice)
"Z├╝rich" or "zu dich" @ 0:54.903-0:55.992 (female voice, german) "zu dich"=to you

Note that these possible evps may well not be found after undoing the noise reduciton and redoing again, because noise reduction in cool edit has this downside of making artifacts in the sound. Listen to your original version if you can hear them.

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