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I think I can do it!  Rating:  Rating
 Posted: Sep 24th, 2010 02:26 AM
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I think I can put together a simple but modern version of the Spiricom!

I have tone generators and can make them into mp3 files that can be loaded onto my iPod.

I can then plug my iPod into my cars battery powered FM modulator (used to rebroadcast your iPod on your cars radio)

Of course I have a large number of FM radios to hand and recording equipment.


Am I missing anything?


What about the AM or FM question? I can understand that AM is a more malleable radio transmission.


Also, assuming this will work.


I have to say I am concerned about protection.

Tips on simple ways to protect myself when conducting experiments would be helpful as well.





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 Posted: Nov 17th, 2010 06:17 PM
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FM will simply not work.  The Spiricom project; although the original flow chart was showing FM; was actually AM.  The reason for this was to disturb the carrier wave in an electro-magnetic fashion.  FM cannot be disturbed in that way.  As you know, FM stands for Frequency Modulation.  That means the impinged spirit forces, as they speak, would modulate the carrier frequency.  In order to do that, the entity would have to have a physical voice box to speak into a microphone that was connected to the FM modulator.  Well, spirits don't have voice boxes.

The Spiricom project did not have any mikes for modulation.  The only microphone was the one Bill was speaking into; and that mike was open to the system speakers as well, to catch the modulated responses of Dr. Mueller.

Hope this helps,


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