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 Posted: Apr 17th, 2010 12:26 AM
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Back in 1987 I purchased the “Spiricom” pack of information from the “Metascience Foundation Inc” together with other literature and the voice tapes. Recently I re-read “The Ghost on 29 Megacycles” which then got me looking again for the “Spiricom” manual and paperwork. Having a radio technician’s background, which is what interested me in the subject, and having over thirty years of experience in that field, I feel I’m qualified to offer my own thoughts on this subject.

The method they used to generate the 13 audio tones on a tape recorder was crude at best, with all sorts of back-round sounds being picked up on the microphones, which can be heard on my copies of the voice tapes purchased. However I know later on they did build a crystal controlled 13 tone generator which I have a picture of but, having downloaded a NCH tone generator programme from the internet and played all 13 tones through the computers speakers, it sounds a great deal different than the original tapes, probably due to the extraneous noises picked up by the microphones.

As pointed out by others, the equipment only seemed to work when Bill O’Neil, “the medium” was present and this does make sense to me. I believe Bill said he was naturally sensitive from a child but unfortunately did not take the time to train to control his abilities of physical mediumship, a very rare gift indeed. From re-reading the book it is clear that Bill was an “open door” with his uncontrolled capabilities and on several occasions had became influenced by spirit entities without intention.

I think that if Bill had taken the time and effort to seek guidance and help he would have become a “direct voice” medium like Leslie Flint but it appears he was either too egotistical thinking he was unique, deluded or wrongly advised not to learn how to use his talents and protect himself. It is clear, from the book, that he suffered from aberrant behavioural conditions that eventually saw him in a secure hospital, perhaps as a direct result of being open to outside influences, voices and the like, for all of his life.

His interests lay in radio and electronics and this having a logic and scientific base is a possible reason he did not peruse the ectoplasmic larynx, other direct voice mediums of the past utilised, something the spirit people apparently noted. The voice tapes, I think, may be genuine, as you can hear the pitch of the voice changing as Bill adjusts the tones on the audio generator. However I don’t think the spirit communicators needed the radio equipment. In the presence of Bill the "medium" energies were generated by him -just like in “direct voice”- and the spirit communicators were able to manipulate the 13 audio tones to form sounds. Take Bill away and it was just like taking the batteries out of a radio, all the equipment is there but no power to run it and therefore no communication.

The “Spiricom” project I believe was a stepping stone into electronic two-way communications with the spirit world. In the “direct voice” tapes that I have listened to the persons communicating from spirit acknowledge that they have to “think” themselves to a lower in frequency to make contact. Science instructs us that thought waves certainly exist, generating electrical impulses that are measured to ascertain life and consciousness in hospitals daily and they are now using them to operate computers remotely, over very short distances but in a similar methodology of blue-tooth technologies.

Looking to the future possibilities of electronic two-way communications perhaps the answer may be some type of “transducer” to convert these mind energies into audible speech, as these thought frequencies are way beyond any audio or radio frequencies that are being used at the moment as technology hasn’t caught up yet, but time will no doubt tell.

Kindest Regards,


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 Posted: Jun 7th, 2010 03:00 PM
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Not a very active forum, I'm afraid. I believe I just about have a working Spiricom. Most of the parts are here. I, too, corresponded with Meek when he was alive and managed to get an original book and cassette tape of the sessions. At first I was overwhelmed with the technical aspects, but given modern computers, the hardest issue, the 13 frequency generation, is a piece of cake. I have the 13 frequencies programmed on my laptop. I also have a Kenwood T-2000 transceiver that will broadcast at 29.575 MHz and a portable Yaesu that will receive at the same frequency.

All you have to do is get a way to get the generated tones into the Kenwood. That can be accomplished by a rigblaster interface unit. That's on order. Now you need a 10 meter antenna to get the signal broadcast. So now all you need is a way to record the results. For this I have a Zoom H4N digital recorder, a fairly high end device.

So, from PC -> rigblaster -> Kenwood TS-2000 -> 10 meter antenna -> {broadcast} -> Yeasu receiver -> Speaker on Yaesu -> picked up by microphone on Zoom HrN digital recorder -> mp3 files.

This scenario matches the Spiricom IV system.

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