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Need help understanding/brainstorming and replication of "California Experiment"  Rating:  Rating
 Posted: Dec 5th, 2010 05:15 AM
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Hello guys,

Why not try a simple sample of white noise ?

Sometimes the simpler the better.


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 Posted: Jun 15th, 2011 04:11 PM
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Having constructed a Tesla coil or three in my past, I can lend a bit of insight into how this may be of benefit. Or at least some insight, hopefully without being too technical:

They are known as open air coupled transformers. Nothing exists between the primary and secondary coils of the device, purely electromagnetic energy bridges the gap.

There are two main parts of the device itself. The primary + tank circuit and secondary coil. The secondary is what you see forming the rising coil of wire and a top load. The top load is a capacitive load comprising of a metallic sphere, or a toroid depending on design wishes, but any shape will do - as long as it is smooth and presents no sharp edges for electrons to gather and arc directly from all the time.

The primary circuit is where it gets a little more complex:

Primary circuit is comprised of A/C input, step-up transformer (Neon sign, Microwave oven and even "pole pig" utility pole transformers can be used here, but generally the voltage output is directly proportional to tuning and size of primary and secondary circuits - so they can be anywhere from 9kV to 14.4kV and very low current, typically anywhere from 50 to 200mA at the most) Current stepped up into the kV range is then sent through a series of breaker points/choppers, arc gap(s) turned by a synchronous A/C motor. The number and arrangement of the arc points on the wheel determines a base resonance frequency. From breaker points, the current is fed into a bank of capacitors. The capacitors in conjunction with the primary coil's length is adjusted to tune resonance between primary and secondary coil for maximum efficiency/magnetic coupling. Primary coil designs run the gamut from open, flat coils of copper tubing from refrigerator circuits, to conical, sleeves etc. in an attempt to shape the primary field for maximum secondary coil saturation. "Tuning" involves removing/adding capacitors and/or moving the primary coil's tap input feed screw along it's length. You know when you got it tuned just right when your spark gap goes from a even humming crackle to a cackle like a full throttle chainsaw engine. :D

Now a very *interesting* physical effect takes place as you get the coil tuned and you start drawing off serene, plasma like tendrils from the topload...

Tesla coils work on a ringdown frequency oscillation that is also emitted into the surrounding area. Subsequent, secondary coils "tuned" and with NO physical connection to the primary or secondary of the main coil will ALSO resonate with energy that can also be pulled off in high voltage streamers. Tesla's dream was the transmission of power without wires - as this device demonstrates.

But this is where it gets nit-picky on the math and physics:

The ringdown oscillation contains a massive, 60 Hz (or 50 - depending on locale) main carrier radio wave. WITHIN that primary wave there is a RICH wealth of harmonics that can carry much MORE energy than just the primary 60 Hz carrier. This is usually a bunch of harmonics that in of themselves are pure sine waves emitted by the primary and echoing/resonating in the secondary and then *pushed* to atmosphere. This is why similar tuned secondaries are also capable of drawing power out of the air by one of these machines if tuned properly - and the field geometry, harmonics and strength is *unique* to each Tesla coil, producing a "signature" if examined closely.

So yes, there is a ton of 50-60Hz just thrown off into the air by one of these, but a wealth of underlying and collectively more powerful resonances/oscillations embedded within itself, possibly lending the power that some spirit may be able to utilize.

And they do not have to be large to make this effect possible, a small, demonstration sized desktop machine with a microwave oven transformer and transistor oscillator in the base can be quite effective.

Personally? I like pulling meter long, 35MV "streamers" with a grounded wand off of a floor sized, multi-stage device. Some even went so far as to modulate the primary tank circuit's output with high speed switching diodes, using radio, music, or synthesizers to create massive, open-air spikes to reproduce tones or be used as musical instruments!

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 Posted: Jul 16th, 2011 09:12 PM
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Keith Clark

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Hi Sparkz,

Sorry for not replying sooner. Thank you for the additional info, it was quite helpful indeed! I intend to foray into this area more, definitely, it will always be an area I have to see to completion, as a result has already been feasibly demonstrated by spirit....I figure it will come in time.


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