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 Posted: Oct 8th, 2009 07:06 AM
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Keith Clark

Joined: Dec 31st, 2006
Location: Clearwater, Florida USA
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I've been rather busy lately preparing for my move across country, so I'm not as keen on what is happening across the field of communication with spirit. I know I can tell you that:

Montague Keen is still giving weekly messages
The AAEVP is alive and strong, and in their latest newsletter they highlight the emerging success of physical mediumship circles throughout the world such as:

The Circle of the Silver Chord
The Felix Physical Seance Circle
The Furzey Hill Physical Mediumship Circle
and more....

The Zerdin Phenomenal and the Physical Mediumship 4 U (Robin & Sandra Foy) are running strong, continuing to provide information, educate & strengthen spirit communication via physical mediumship.

Victor and Wendy Zammit are still publishing weekly newsletters, continuing to inspire, invigorate and educate on life after death through various mediums.

Of course, we also have our list of ITC forums and websites, moderately quiet at present, but preparing for a major shift and a step forward in ITC.

On a note of personal opinion, I feel that the broader area of spirit communication - including both ITC and physical mediumship, will slowly begin to merge into one - not in relation to practice, but in the passing of information and networking of individuals. I have always felt that the cooperation of these two groups will result in new techniques and understanding. There are practices on both sides that have added potential benefits for each other, and eventually they will both grow stronger together. Of course, emphasis must be on personal spiritual development as the primary concern.

If you need assistance in looking any of this information up, or would like to become involved, send me an email and I'll do what in can to send you in the right direction.


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