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 Posted: Apr 10th, 2011 11:31 AM
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Lance, Keith, arizonaevp - Ron,
Thanks!  Been away on vacation and just logged in to see the responses here.

I have read a few of Meek's books and I have a recording of George Meek when he was on an radio show hosted by Bill Jenkins called Open Mind.  I'm interested in that relationship between Meek and O'Neil and I'm convinced that Meek made an educated decision to believe what was happening in spite of what appears to be O'Neils psycological troubles.  I say this because Meek held an exhibit / press conference to showcase the findings of the Spiricom.  NPR radio covered the event and I contacted them - but unfortunately - they had no record of it.

I have ideas about the Spiricom but I'm not sure that it will work the same way as the original did due to the interference of all our modern technology floating around.

I know an alchemist - research chemist - who once said that fluorescent lights messed up his experiments while working with gold ( in an unrealated experiment) but his comments were similar to other comments by people experimenting with the unseen and the unknown.

Personally - I'm working on a version of Moody's gazing mirror.  If anyone from this forum can point me to a location ( on this site ) where people are talking about that or talking about Meek and O'Neil - I'd appreciate it.  If anyone wants to open dialogue about these subjects - I would like to talk too.


Where on earth - or elsewhere - did that address come from?  ha ha   thank you - just trying to get a feel for the location of that piece of time and history / mystery!


Regards and thanks for the welcome to the forum,



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