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 Posted: Apr 3rd, 2011 07:15 PM
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Keith Clark

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Many pain medications can invoke or increase the amount of vivid dreams, which can certainly disturb the sleep seriously ( I know, as I take several minor medications that affect my dreaming) that can be a tough battle to fight. Dreaming too much can sometimes be considered a curse by those whose minds are active at night.....all too familiar to me.

I back Dmaumau's advice, and find it to be extremely sound. Experienced advice will always go back to positive energy and reflection, which attracts and produces more of the same, as well as outcome. I do think that if you did a study you would find that most people have bad things that happen to them on a regular basis, but there can be quite a difference in the outlook on those events and the ensuing results of those who choose to highlight the good rather than bad.