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 Posted: Apr 2nd, 2011 05:05 AM
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Spirits will answer to just about anything asked, just because they have found someone that heard them.  This is unfortunate, especially for person asking the questions who are so desperately seeking an answer to.  I have had spirits pretend that they are so and so, just to have that interaction with the living.  They even go as far as trying to impersonate that person's voice! I had a situation where I was working with a young man who had died and was missing, and this creep tried to take over, answering for the missing man.  How I found out was at one point, the creep was boasting how funny it was was that I was believing what was said, unbeknownst to him that I have the ability to hear entire dialogues going on, not just the occasional word or phrase that most folks hear when doing EVP work.  I had to stop the Q & A with this young man, and start the process of getting the 'creep' to leave my home.  I then had to go back and re-review everything that was given.  I was lucky to have caught this creep when I did, it really could have screwed things up.  It took almost 6 months and help from another to get him out of my house, and believe me, he did not go willingly.  I found out from the other spirits here he was a major bully, and could be very intimidating with the others.  He begged for forgiveness, but I stood my ground, and had him leave.   Always be aware that this can happen, it's sad but true.